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    There are many factors that affect property prices in Egypt and these factors might be political, economic, social, or other factors. So, if you’re about to sell or buy a property or you are a real estate investor in the Egyptian market, you should be aware of the factors that affect property prices in Egypt. ...

  • الحي الدبلوماسي العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.jpg

    Over 1500 acres extends the new embassies district in the new administrative capital, which is supposed to gather all embassies that located in Cairo and Giza. Also, the new embassies district will guarantee an additional layer of security for such embassies and it will relieve the pressure of Cairo and Giza. Furthermore, 150 diplomats and 100 ambassadors from numerous countries such as the UAE, the United States, England, France, Germany and Bella Russia visited the embassies district in the new administrative capital along with 8 assistants of the foreign minister. ...

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    District 5 is the first real estate project from Marakez in Egypt –which is one of Al Hokair the Saudi company group- that is known for its great history in the commercial market as it’s the owner of mall of Arabia. ...

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    The AXIS Where All Roads Lead To

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    AXIS is the latest project from IWAN development and acquires an exceptional location in 6 October City, 7 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed and 10 minutes away from Lebanon square what makes it easy to access from 26th of July axis and Alexandria Desert road. ...

  • بلوز تيفاني الساحل الشمالي.jpg

    Blues Tiffany North Coast

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    Blues Tiffany North Coast resort is designed based on U shape that ensures a clear view of the sea from all units in the village. The resort is stretching over 250 acres, while the lagoon occupies 75 acres from that area which is considered as a great feature of the resort. ...

  • رملة الساحل الشمالي.jpg

    Ramla North Coast Resort

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    Ramla north coast resort is the latest project of GEC Germany Company, which is known for its great works in the residential and touristic buildings. In the resort, you'll taste the German touch in the design in addition to the existence of the services and facilities. ...

  • المباني الخضراء.jpg

    How do Green Buildings Save Energy?

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    After the International Energy Agency (IEA) release, that shows that the current buildings consume 40% of the world's total energy consumption and are cause 24% of the global CO2 emissions. ...

  • كمبوند المصيف.jpg

    El Masyaf North Coast Resort

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    Before you take the purchase decision, you should be aware of the best development companies first what makes you able to choose the right unit for you and your family whether it is a residential or a touristic unit. ...