Get to Know more about Different Types of Properties

Posted On September 06, 2017

Recently, there have been many new terms for residential units which may be unclear for many of us. So, in the following, Murabahat will explain these types clearly.

  • Apartment: it’s the normal unit which includes the basics for living. So, it includes two or more rooms for sleeping and living, bathroom, and kitchen,
  • Duplex: it mustn’t be defined as a villa but an apartment that consists of two floors connected by interior stair,
  • Penthouse: it’s an apartment that is located in the highest or the last floor and you can recognize it by its glassy walls -in some cases- which enables the owner to have a great view of the outside. Also, such units are attached to a swimming pool and a terrace,
  • Townhouse: the term refers to the terraced units, and it’s the villas that are attached to a small garden,
  • Twin-house: as for the twin-house, it’s another different type of the villas, and it’s a villa that is shared by two owners that each one of them has a private entrance, a garden from three sides, and a private gate,
  • Stand-alone villa: it’s the known villa which consists of two or three floors, with a private gate, a private garden, and a private wall that surrounds it from all sides.

To make things clear, it’s not that easy to find one compound that contains all these types of units as you’ll find villas compound or apartments compound. etc.