MidTown Compound – The New Capital

Posted On May 03, 2017

About the Compound:

  • Better Home company provides its new project “MidTown” after a number of luxurious compounds in the Fifth Settlement and October,
  • The compound is located in a strategic location. It is in front of Expo City and Al Masah hotel and beside the central park in the new capital,
  • The compound is over 50 acres consists of 388 units. It is divided into 310 townhouse units which its prices start from 8.2 million EGP, 62 twin house units which its prices start from 4.7 million EGP, 16 villas units which its prices start from 4.6 million EGP, and stores which its prices start from 25.000 EGP per meter,
  • As Better Home always aims to provide the customers with the easiest ways of payment, it offers a chance to pay only 10% as a down payment and facilities up to 6 years with no benefits. In addition, you can get discount up to 30% while paying cash,
  • The delivery date is in 1/7/2020.

About the New Administrative Capital:

  • The new capital is over 170 thousand acres and the first phase is over 40.000 acres,
  • The roofs are covered with solar modules, energy sustainability technologies, waste recycling, and water desalination,
  • The capital contains Expo City which contains two hotels, an external display area, and international exhibition areas,
  • In the new capital, there is an international conference center that can hold 5000 persons,
  • It’s scheduled to build a contemporary opera in the city which will contain 3 playrooms and can hold 3300 persons, external theater, cinema, restaurants, and culture center,
  • In the city, there is a world-class medical city.

MidTown Compound is a good start in the New Capital of Egypt.