When to Buy and Sell a Property in Egypt?

Posted in Articles On September 28, 2017

People wait for the increment in the prices of the properties to sell their properties as well they wait for the decrement in the prices to buy new properties. Instead of that, if you want to get into a successful investment process, you need to be aware of the prices rising season and the prices drop season.

In the following, Murabahat will tackle the best time for real estate investment in Egypt:

Properties Prices Increment Season:

Due to the return of the abroad workers in summer vacation, the properties prices rise and the real estate market movement increase as well. Also, The middle of the fiscal year - the first of December – is one of the best times to buy a property as real estate companies make great offers to attract customers as they need to repay their loans to banks which makes them offer many payment facilities.

Properties Prices Decrement Season:

As in many sectors/ fields, winter is the month when stagnation takes place in the buying and selling processes, what causes a decrement in the prices of the properties. It is the right time to buy.

Also, for a successful investment, you need to be aware of the best places to invest in such as:

  • Fifth Settlement,
  • 6 October City,
  • Sheikh Zayed City,
  • Al Rehab,
  • El Obour.

And Coastal Cities such as:

- Ain Sukhna,

- North Coast,

- Alexandria.

Before digging into real estate investment, study the market well, its requirement, and needs.