Own a Smart Home in Louran – Alexandria

Posted On October 02, 2017

Louran neighborhood which is located in Raml station is considered as one of the most prestigious places in Alexandria as it’s located near to Victoria college -the majestic school- where Omar el Sharif, Ahmed Ramzi, King of Jordan Hussein bin Talal and others have been graduated from it.

Reasons behind Calling it “Louran”:

It was named after el Khawaja Edouard Louran, the owner of smoke factories, who lived in his own villa in that neighborhood.

So, such features were the reason behind providing Louran residential project by Murabahat for Real Estate Solutions, which is characterized by a number of features such as:

  • The units of the project is characterized by the “Smart Home” wonderful technology which makes life easier and ensures comfort and luxury,
  • The units have an open view over the stunning landscape,
  • Spaces start from 135m – 189m,
  • There are 5 elevators in the project from the garage to the highest floor,
  • There are 2 garages,
  • Louran is characterized by the existence of generators and solar energy,
  • Central satellite dish,
  • Visual intercom that ensures security and privacy,
  • Security system 24 hour,
  • Fire extinguishing systems,
  • Surveillance cameras,
  • The price per meter for "semi-finished" units starts from 6750 L.E.

The company offers easy payment methods with a 35% deposit up to 3 years with no interest.