5 Tips to Consider While Selling a Property

Posted On October 11, 2017

Real Estate investment is one of the best types of investment in Egypt as the demand is always in increment, as well as being the most profitable, safe, and sustainable investment currently. So, whether you’re a professional or a beginner investor, you need to be fully aware of the requirements and needs of real estate market and know how to deal with it.

In the following few lines, Murabahat will provide tips that you need to put in mind before selling a property:

  • Firstly, you need to clean the property and remove all your personal stuff before taking pictures of the property or the customers arrival to preview it,
  • Secondly, fix any defects in the property like changing the wallpaper, renewing wall painting, repairing sewage problems, and fixing all the defects that may make customers run away,
  • Thirdly, which is the most important tip, hire a real estate agency that will make you get the best deal, with the best price, and as soon as possible without getting into troublesome and futile negotiations,
  • Fourthly, hire a professional photographer to take some photos of your property to highlight the features and advantages of the property,
  • Fifthly, every property has its own features regarding the location, space, and many other. Focus on your property features to attract customers.

Murabahat for real estate solutions will always help you to get the successful investment you need.