Il Monte Galala Three Zones

Posted On November 07, 2017

Il Monte Galala resort is located in Ain Sokhna, 7 km away from Movenpick. However, what’s really great concerning the location of the resort is that it’s located near to Galala city which belongs to Armed Forces so, reaching the resort will be easy using the new road of Galala city.

The Three Zones:

The project is divided into three zones each of them is characterized by its own special activities and style. However, they are connected together in a beautiful and harmonious architectural style. This is in addition to the green spaces and outstanding nature which is spread all over the resort.

The First Zone “Sea Front”

You can conclude from its name that it’s depending on water activities in the turquoise red sea water as it contains beach camp, a center for wild and environmental exploration, numerous restaurants and cafés.

The Second Zone “Mid-Level”

This zone offers culture and sports activities as it contains a monuments museum, a museum of the First Man history, horticultural gardens, the first golf playground in the region, in addition to many playgrounds and other entertainment activities.

The Third Zone “High-Altitude”

As for the third and last zone, it focuses on mind and body meditation so, it contains activities that give the clients the peace of mind they need and help them get rid of life stress. It also provides relaxation sessions.

In addition, in Il Monte Galala you can enjoy practicing exciting activities like mountains and rocks climbing as “Tatweer Misr” the project owner Company and “Rock N Rope” Omar Samra’s company –who is the first Egyptian to reach Everest peak- are in a partnership what provides fun and excitement for the resort guests.

Also, it’s worth to be mentioned that the first phase of the project is decided to be delivered by 2019. The whole project also is supposed to contain up to 5000 units with various spaces to fit everyone one.