Compound IL BOSCO in front of the Green River – the New Capital

Posted On November 28, 2017

Misr Italia Group has launched its latest project, Il Bosco compound, which is considered as a residential, commercial, administrative project in the new capital. The project is characterized by its unique location as it’s located at Mohammed Bin Zayed Main Street in front of the green river which extends over 35 km and considered as the longest green axis in the world. Also, it’s located near to the new capital international airport, the conference center, the presidential palace, the expo area, the academic city, the financial and diplomatic area.

About the Project:

  • Il Bosco compound extends over 200 acres, 20% residential buildings and the rest 80% are services and green landscapes,
  • The residential buildings are divided into 65% for the apartments and 35% for the villas,
  • The compound can nearly bear 6.5 million residents,
  • The compound contains various entertainment services such as clubs, shopping area, and parks, etc,
  • 24h Security.

Units Types:

Il Bosco compound is characterized by containing various units' types with various spaces starting from 1 room to 4 rooms such as:

  • Apartments,
  • Villas,
  • Town Houses,
  • Twin Houses.

Murabahat for real estate solutions provides Il Bosco compound ensuring you to have the life you’ve always desired.