Mousa Coast - The Most Wonderful Vacation in Ras Sudr

Posted On December 13, 2017

In Oyon Mousa and all over red seashores that are known for its pure blue watercolor and soft sand, located Mousa Coast resort providing numerous services and well-designed units.

In this article, Murabahat will tackle every tiny detail concerning Mousa Coast resort.


Mousa Coast is characterized by its proximity to Cairo as it’s located 150 km away from Cairo, 60 km away from the new administrative capital and that was the reason for calling it as  Cairo Beach.

Also, it’s located 28 km away from Ahmed Hamdy tunnel.


Mousa Coast village stretches over 6.6 million sqm. In addition to that XII phases of the project have been completed and delivered while the XII phase is currently underway.

Services and Features of the Resort:

Due to its location in Oyon Mousa -the second purest place in the world- Mousa Coast village is characterized by containing a large spa that is attached to the newest techniques that got used in therapeutic purposes using the sulfuric water and radioactive sludge.

In addition to that, the green spaces and swimming pools represent about 80% of the project total area.

Mousa Coast Contains:

  • 11 Swimming Pools,
  • Numerous Cafes and Restaurants,
  • Clinic,
  • Super Market,
  • A Gym that Overlooks the Sea.

Book Your Unit Now in Mousa Coast and Enjoy an Unforgettable Vacation this Year.