The Life You Deserve in Joulz 6 October

Posted On December 20, 2017

Inertia Construction Company is the owner of the great Joulz 6 October compound which has grabbed the attention of many due to its outstanding location, amazing buildings architecture design, its numerous services that provide the residents with their needs and requirements, in addition to the wonderful wide green spaces and entertainment facilities.

Joulz 6 October compound is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road near the Ring Road, Lebanon Square, El-Remaya Square, El-Mehwar and Dandy Mall.

The compound is stretching over 119 acres containing 1.1118 units stretching also over 102 acres while the rest 17 acres are devoted to a great commercial area, services, and green spaces.

Units Type in Joulz 6 October:

Apartment, Townhouse, Twinhous, and Stand-Alone Villa.

Apartments’ spaces start from 108 meters and Villas spaces start from 260 meters.

In addition to that, Joulz 6 October contains numerous services such as:

Clubhouses, banks, clinics, restaurants, offices, a great commercial area, supermarkets, swimming pools, gym and spa, nurseries and kids areas, underground garages, cinemas, in addition to the green spaces in everywhere in the compound.

Units will be delivered by 2019.

So, if you’re a lover of luxurious life and breathtaking compounds that located away from Cairo's crowd. Joluz 6 October is the place for you.

Get in Touch with Murabahat and pay 10% down payment with installment up to 8 years.