Living in a Compound or in a Non-Compound?

Posted On January 04, 2018

If you’re about to buy a property to live in, you’ll no doubt get confused while deciding whether to live in a compound or a non-compound.

So, in the following lines, Murabahat will tackle the advantages of both choices:

Firstly, the advantages of living in a compound:

  • Providing privacy is the first priority while constructing a compound,
  • Security is one of the best features in any compound as they provide 24h/7 security system, security cameras surveillance system, and gates that surround the residential units,
  • In contrary to the city districts, life in a compound is completely quite providing a suitable environment for living,
  • As for the units, compounds provide numerous services and facilities,
  • buildings in the compound characterized by architectural consistency in design and colors in addition to setting a maximum height of floors number,
  • Population density is very low in the compound as the number of residents equals the number of units,
  • Usually, the compounds contain wide green spaces what guarantee a great life for its residents.

Secondly, the advantages of living in a non-compound:

  • If you’re one of those who don’t feel free while living in a closed place, then you might feel better while living in an outer district,
  • Living in an outer property will make you easily reach anywhere in the city as usually the compounds are located in far places from the downtown,
  • Prices of properties that located in city districts are less than the prices of properties that located in compounds due to the numerous services that compounds provide,
  • In city districts, you’ll find all the services that you may not easily find in the compound.

It’s up to you to choose the property that suits you better, but, remember that Murabahat will always be here to help you in finding the place for you.