Notice these Things before Buying a Property

Posted On January 11, 2018

Previously, Murabahat has tackled things to bear in mind before buying a new property, here, we will provide some standards regarding the building itself in order to avoid disasters.

Firstly, Get to Know the Authorized Floors Number:

One of the main reasons behind properties collapse is building unauthorized floors. So, be aware of the building authorized floors number from the competent authority and make sure that such number is written in the contract so you can sue the owner in case he thought of building unauthorized floors.

Secondly, the Sewerage System:

Make sure that the sewerage system is working well and that wastewater gets conveyed in far sewers not to affect the building negatively over time.

Thirdly, the Plumbing:

Before buying the property, checkup the plumbing well and be sure that the ceiling of your property and the property in the downstairs floor are free from water effects.

Fourthly, Services and Facilities:

Make certain that the building has all the basic facilities such as water, electricity, gas and their counters.

Fifthly, Choose the Suitable Floor:

Lower and ground floors are suitable more for the commercial activities as they are not really good for residents due to getting exposed to noise and dust most of the time.

As for the upper floors, they face the problem of a non-working elevator and the difficulty of water access,

So, the intermediate floors are the best choice as they don’t face such issues.

Before buying any property, there are many things to bear in mind in order to avoid future problems.