Periodic Home Maintenance

Posted On February 22, 2018

Not being obligated to periodic home maintenance may affect your home negatively, causing some cracks or devices damage. Then, you’ll have to fix these stuff paying a lot of money. However, if you’re always committed to periodic home maintenance you can skip all these things.

So, in the following, Murabahat will tackle some tips for periodic home maintenance:

  • Make sure that gas hoses are working well to avoid gas leakage,
  • Air conditions are one of the devices that need the most care as not using it during winter season make dust accumulate on it. So, either ask an air condition technician to clean it or do it yourself at the beginning and end of the summer.
  • The periodical maintenance for sewage reveals deactivates in it. So, you have to periodically clean the sediment using water and air pumps.
  • Always renew the devices’ batteries every now and then as old batteries may affect the safety of the devices.
  • Doors and windows' hinges get rubbed together over time what cause annoying squeak sound while opening or closing doors and windows. So, put some oil on it to avoid such sound.
  • It’s important to clean the pipes in the back of the fridge as dust affects the safety of the fridge.

Neglecting small things that need regular maintenance at home may cause major disasters. Therefore, you should be keen on fixing it immediately in order to avoid accidents and disasters.