The Green River in the New Administrative Capital

Posted On April 12, 2018

As Egyptians used to live along the Nile River and have a great time hiking around it enjoying the breezy air, and due to the new administrative capital geographical location that makes it impossible for the Nile River to cross it. It was decided to replace it with a green river of gardens with a length of 25 sqm and 5000 acres what makes it one of the biggest gardens all over the world.

So, if you need to know more about the green river in the new administrative capital. Here, Murabahat will tackle everything concerning it.

Firstly, the green river in the in the new administrative capital contains 7 gardens which are:

  • International Park,
  • Sports Park,
  • Plants Garden,
  • Historic Park,
  • Science Park,
  • Health and Population Park,
  • Business and Finance Park.

Secondly, Features of the Green River in the New Administrative Capital:

  • The Green River will be open for visits free of charge for the new capital, new Cairo and Cairo residents,
  • All universities and cities in the new capital are somehow connected to the Green River,
  • All districts in the new capital contain green gardens which through residents can reach the main park on foot.

Moreover, the first phase of the Green River has been completed over 14 km.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the New Administrative Capital is stretching over 170 acres and contains a central park over 8 km what means that it’s two and a half times bigger than the New York Central Park. Also, per capita, green spaces in the new administrative capital will be around 15 square meters.

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