New Alamein City - First Residential City in the North Coast

Posted On April 26, 2018

New Alamein City is the first residential destination on the north coast as the north coast is characterized by the wonderful natural and geographical features. Thus, it’ll be a special residential destination that will help in reducing population congestion in cities.

New Alamein City Location:

Al-Alamain city is located on the northern coast - Kilo 34 - west Alexandria. It also lies between the borders of Wadi Natroun and Dabaa.

The Space and Capacity of New Alamein City:

Al-Alamain city stretches over 50 thousand acres and supposed to accommodate about 3 million residents.

The Internal Division of the New Alamein City:

Residential Sector:

The city contains about 10 thousand residential units divided into social housing apartments and distinctive housing apartments.

Coastal Sector:

Coastal sector contains numerous services such as:

  • Hotels,
  • Gardens,
  • Coastal Residential Areas,
  • Exhibitions Land,
  • Private Resort,
  • Cultural Center,
  • Entertainment area.

Archaeological Sector:

The archaeological sector includes an open museum, a park, and other services.

Urban Sector:

As for the urban sector, it includes a university and regional services center.

Services at New Alamein City:

  • Mosque and church,
  • Amusement park,
  • Opera house,
  • Library as large as Alexandrina library,
  • Clubs,
  • Artificial lake,
  • Schools and universities,
  • International conferences center,
  • Medical center over 44 acres.

Companies Involved in the Project Implementation:

  • Orascom,
  • Samco Company,
  • Arab Contractors Company,
  • Sayak Company,
  • Urban Communities Authority,
  • Engineering Corps of the Armed Forces,
  • Ministry of the housing.

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