Tourism Investment in Ain Sukhna or North Coast?

Posted On May 13, 2018

If you’re considering Tourism Investment you’ll by default think of Ain Sukhna and North Coast due to the recent developments applied in both of them in addition to being chosen as internal and external touristic destination.

In this article, Murabahat tackles the difference between investing on both Ain Sukhna and North Coast:

Ain Sukhna:

The first feature of Sukhna is being located near to Cairo as it takes nearly an hour or an hour and a half away to reach Cairo what makes it suitable for “weekend vacation” and official holidays. In addition to being located near to Suez governate. Also, Sukhna considered being “tourism per day destination”.

It's also featured by being a summer resort during the whole year besides being suitable for winter vacation as its weather is hot most of the year.

Moreover, one of the reasons behind increasing the Tourism Investment in Ain Sukhna is the developments of the roads and the construction of Cairo-Ain Sokhna road what eases the reach of Ain Sukhna due to increasing the means of transportation.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ain Sukhna is a leading destination in tourism housing as people tend to own units in Sukhna due to its proximity to Cairo in addition to being cheaper than units in North Coast.

Ain Sukhna is a touristic destination suitable for therapeutic tourism, recreation, and for a quiet holiday.

North Coast:

As for Tourism Investment in North Coast, it’s a bit different than Ain Sukhna as it’s featured by containing numerous entertainment methods such as malls, cinemas, amusement parks in addition to many places for spending enjoyable nights.

As regarding the destination between Cairo and North Coast, it’s not that far as it takes as a maximum from 2 hours to 3 hours.

In addition to that, North Coast is considered as the extension of Alexandria -the first and official summer resort for Egyptians- but the biggest disadvantage of North Coats is being so crowded.

Also, North Coast is considered a destination for above average housing and luxury housing.

However, as compared to AinSukhna, the demand for tourist housing there is higher than North Coast due to the distance factor.

FTourism Investment in Ain Sukhna and North Coast is one of the most successful ways of investment that Murabahat recommends for you if you're looking for a successful real estate investment.F