Fifth Settlement or Sheikh Zayed: Which is better for Real Estate Investing?

Posted On May 28, 2018

People always search for the perfect place to live and invest in so they always tend to look for units in new cities such as New Cairo, 6 October and Sheikh Zayed as such places can gain them high ROI in real estate investing.

But, while comparing both of New Cairo and 6 October Cities, it’s really confusing.

So, in the following Murabahat will tackle the features of both cities to help you choose the best city for living and real estate investing.

Fifth Settlement or Sheikh Zayed for Living and Real Estate Investing:

  • Fifth Settlement is nearer to Cairo than Sheikh Zayed as it’s connected to Cairo and Giza by a number of main axes. In addition to being near to Maadi, Nasr City and EL-Mokkatam. As for Sheikh Zayed, it’s located near to 6 October city, EL-Dokki and Giza only.
  • Obviously, Cairo residents tend to live in Fifth Settlement while Giza residents tend to live in 6 October city and Sheikh Zayed,
  • However, if you’re planning to dig into real estate investing, you should start investing in a near area whether you’re going to rent the property or save it for a while. In both cases, the property will need periodic maintenance,
  • The location of the new administrative capital increased the demand on Fifth Settlement properties,
  • As for the price of the meter, New Cairo has recorded the highest price followed by Sheikh Zayed and then 6 October city,
  • People tend to buy properties in Fifth Settlement due to the availability of services, clubs, shopping malls and universities such as the American University,
  • Fifth Settlement, unlike Sheikh Zayed and 6 October City, contains a number of international companies and banks what make people tend to buy properties there for the purpose of living and real estate investing.

So, if you can’t decide, Murabahat advice is to buy a property in a city near to you, your work and your children schools. Because in all cases, Fifth Settlement and Sheikh Zayed are two of the finest regions in Egypt and strongly attract real estate investing.