Buy or Build a Home: Which is better and why?

Posted On May 31, 2018

If you’re planning to move into a new home, there are many options out there you can either buy a home or build a home. But, which is better? Well... it depends. Everyone can choose the option that works better for them.

So, Murabahat decided to tackle both pros and cons of buying and building a home.

The Pros and Cons of Buying or Building a Home:

Firstly, To Buy a Home:


To buy a new home it will save you a lot of effort and you’ll also be able to move into the new home fastly unlike if you decided to build a home, in such case, you need much time to move till the building is finished.

In addition to that, the location of the new home which is already built will be equipped with all services and facilities.


While buying a home it might be old-fashion and need many repairs what will cost you much money that you’re not planning to pay.

Also, you’ll not easily find the home of your dreams but choose a one that may look like it.

Secondly, To Build a Home:


To build a home it means that you’ll be able to build the home of your dreams, the design you always wanted, the room spaces you desire and its locations.

Also, by building your own home you’ll be able to use the newest technologies such as green homes and smart homes.  


Time and Money are what you need the most to go for building a home. So, if you do have such things you can start the building process now.

To sum up…

That’s why we can’t recommend one choice rather than the other one. It all depends on your capabilities and requirements.

So, whether you decided to buy or build a home, Help will always be given from Murabahat to those who ask for it.