Smart Home Every Thing You Need to Know about It

Posted On June 05, 2018

Internet of things is the technology that makes things connect together in a smart way. Also, it enables man to remotely control devices in a complete smart home that is easy to control and deal with. Smart homes are what we’re going to tackle below.

What is Smart Home?

The smart home is the home that is running using the internet and has an integrated information network that enables the owner to control the home easily it also enables you to make the home control itself as closing the windows when the air condition is running, close and open curtains in morning and night, turning off lights when everybody leave the room and turning it on back when someone enters the room, it also will make you updated with the temperature condition. Also, you can remotely control the things yourself as making sure that the door is closed when you’re away, monitoring your home using a phone application. In addition, the fire alarms work faster than other homes, etc.

Smart Home Energy Consumption:

What makes it really great is that the Smart home uses up to 40% less energy than traditional homes.

What are the Sensors in Smart Homes?

  • External alarm system,
  • Fire & Heat detector sensor,
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras,
  • Sensors that alert the owner when foods corrupt or in case the food cans run out it automatically communicate with the supermarket to send new cans,
  • In case of disasters, it automatically communicates with policemen or firemen,
  • It automatically controls the temperature of the air conditioning according to the general temperature,
  • Alert the owner to irrigate home plants or garden plants.

Smart home technology is here to make human comfort, make it easy to control the home and protect the home against disasters and thieves. All of these by using internet of things technology that facilitates human life as time goes on.