Booking Units in the New Administrative Capital

Posted On July 19, 2018

In this article, Murabahat provides all the details concerning the terms and conditions of booking units in the new administrative capital.

Yesterday 18/7/2018 was the first day of the registration on the website of the Housing and Development Bank ( for the purpose of booking (perfectly finished) units in the first phase of Capital Residence Compound while the registration ends on 31/7/2018.

Whereas, the booking processes start on Sunday 12/8/2018 till Saturday 18/8/2018.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Booking Units in the New Administrative Capital?

  • The candidate should be a normal Egyptian person and the booking process require a national number.
  • A guardian can book a unit for a minor also by the national number of the birth certificate.
  • To book a unit in the new administrative capital, you and your family members (wife and children) must have never owned a plot of land in the social housing project.
  • The available units are intended for the residential use only and in case of breaking this rule, the contract will be canceled and a judicial decision will be issued against the violator.
  • The candidates should confirm their acceptance and approval of all the conditions for the booking of the new administrative capital units and that he/she has paid the booking downpayment after agreeing to all the conditions and specifications.

For the first time in a while, we go for booking units online and not through the usual lottery system. However, you need to hurry reading the terms of booking units in the new administrative capital as the things go by priority for those who transferred the booking downpayment first.

The delivery of units will be one year after the contract. Also, these units are offered in interest-free installments and there is a special discount in case of cash payment.

previously, Murabahat provided details of the contents of the booklet of terms and conditions for booking units in the new administrative capital.