Urban Development Agenda for the Mediterranean Region: A Step towards Urban Development

Posted On May 24, 2017

Because of the over population, a second ministerial conference about the Mediterranean; entitled “Towards a New Urban Agenda to union for the Mediterranean” was held. It aims to:

Giving the higher priority to urban development and urbanization, Establishing new cities and projects such as the new capital of Egypt, Building new projects in Delta and Upper Egypt to help in developing the developing areas.

However, regarding the ministry of Housing and Urban Communities, there are lots of plans and strategies about real estate development via developing certain sectors and communities. For instance, there is a comprehensive strategy for housing, a strategy for developing slums, and also a one to develop the public services like water, sewage, and others. The 2030 Development Strategy is one of the core comprehensive plans that aims to face the over population and urban crawling as the first step to boost a huge real estate development. In addition, the minister of Housing and Urban Communities, Dr Mostafa Madbouli, has assured that the reclamation of one million and half acres, is one of the real estate plans to develop the rural areas. To conclude, the state always seeks to put effective plans for real estate development and to overcome the urban crawling and the over population.