Scenario New Capital Where Life Gets Better

Posted On August 09, 2018

Akam Developments Company is the company in charge of developing Scenario New Capital compound that stretches over 39 acres in the new administrative capital and is known for the vast green landscapes and the numerous services.

In the following few lines, Murabahat for real estate solutions blog tackles all details concerning Scenario New Capital compound.

First, Scenario New Capital Location:

Scenario New Capital is located in R7 district – A2 area behind IL Bosco compound, near the BUE, embassies neighborhood, the Cathedral, the green river and in front of expo city what makes it occupying a strategic location in the heart of the new administrative capital.

Second, the Residential Units in Scenario New Capital:

The compound is supposed to contain about 2000 residential units, 300 of them in the first phase (apartments and duplexes) that is meant to be finished within 3 years. Also, the areas start from 115m up to 350m as there are a variety of spaces in order to fit every taste.

Third, Services in Scenario New Capital:

The compound contains all services that will aid the compound residents to make them live in luxury. So, Scenario New Capital contains:

  • A private cinema that residents can book by a mobile application.
  • A private theater that residents can use in their special occasions. Also, every weekend the theater provides a special party.
  • Wonderful swimming pools.
  • A health club that contains a gym, spa, sauna and jacuzzi.
  • Social club.
  • Clubhouse.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Artificial lakes.
  • Shopping area containing numerous international brands.
  • Kids’ area.
  • Garage,
  • International schools.
  • University.
  • Wide green areas (landscapes) as the units and services occupy only 19% of the total area while the rest area for the green spaces and water bodies.
  • Security system all day long equipped with the latest surveillance cameras.

About Akam:

Akam Developments Company is a result of a partnership between four large companies:

Residence Egyptian company, benayat Egyptian company, kingdom holding company and Faysal Bank.

That’s why it’s considered as one of the biggest companies in real estate developing and economic in the Arab world. As each previously mentioned company has a great history in the real estate market.

Also, the Akam company investments have exceeded 6 billion pounds in Scenario New Capital compound.

In addition, Egyptian, Saudi, Emirati and Spanish consulting firms are responsible for designing Scenario New Capital compound.

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