North Edge Towers a New Project from City Edge

Posted On August 16, 2018

In new Alamein city, especially the towers’ zone which contains 15 towers reaching up 100 meters, located North Edge Towers over 48 acres.

In the following, Murabahat for real estate solution blog presents all the details concerning North Edge Towers.

Features of North Edge Towers Location:

Being located in the new Alamein city makes it occupying a strategic location as the city is considered to be the city of the future and the first four-generation city in Egypt.

North edge towers is located 54 kilometers away from the new Alamein international airport and 89 kilometers away from Burj Al Arab airport.

About North Edge Towers:

The first phase of North Edge Towers contains 5 towers from the whole 15 towers of the city. The towers contain 40 floors and 340 residential units that are supposed to be delivered within 2 years.

In addition, the towers are characterized by the outstanding view of the sea and the artificial lakes in new Alamein city.

Services in North Edge Towers:

North Edge Towers location contains all the necessary services that are needed for the living in addition to the entertainment services to provide luxury and comfort for the residents of North Edge Towers. For example, in the city, you can find:

  • A commercial and entertainment complex consisting of 40 buildings, including cinemas, amusement parks, restaurants, cafés, banks and a variety of international brands.
  • 6 artificial lakes over 1700 acres, connected to the beach.
  • Numerous exhibitions providing various products and activities.
  • An excellent medical center containing the latest equipment and treatment methods to provide the best health care to the residents.
  • Multiple international hotels.
  • International schools and international universities.
  • A library that is as large as the Alexandrina library.
  • Wide clubs containing various activities and sports.
  • International Congress Center.
  • Security service available all day long.

According to City Edge, the company that is in charge of marketing the project, 85% of North Edge Towers constructions is already done and it will be the first residential city in the north coast.

Murabahat for real estate solution can guide you in finding the unit that totally suits you and your family in North Edge Towers.