3d Printed Homes New Technology Solves the Housing Crisis

Posted On August 23, 2018

One of the housing crisis reasons is the increment of buildings constructing prices and thus the increment of properties prices. So, recently technology took step by approaching the 3d printed homes the latest and smartest solution that was first used in the last decade in various industries. But, the 3d printed homes started to show up recently in America and China.

Features of 3d Printed Homes:

  • The low cost is one the most important features of the 3d printed homes as it’s basic goal was to decrease the cost of the traditional homes constructing. For instance, a house was built in China for about $5,000 and an 800-square-foot house was printed in March 2018 for $10,000 in Texas and the responsible company (ICON) has announced that they are intending to reduce that price to $4,000.
  • The process of building 3d printed homes takes less time than the time required for the process of building traditional homes. (ICON) has also built a 3d printed home that stretches over 650 square feet within 24 hours and they announced that they are able to build any home with space starting from 600 – 800 square feet within 24 hours.
  • In contrary of what you may think, the 3d printed homes are strong homes characterize by sustainability and its ability to bear natural disasters as it can withstand an earthquake measuring up to 8 Richter. Actually, building 3d printed homes requires using cement and concrete and wooden ceilings (which are supposed to be developed later).
  • Unlike the traditional homes that are committed to traditional designs, the technology of building 3d printed homes is more flexible to build any design you want. All you need to do is to imagine your dream home.

One of the disadvantages of the 3d printed homes is the high price of the 3d printers and the high cost of moving and storing the printers. However, since the main goal of releasing this technology was to solve the housing crisis and reduce the cost to those who cannot afford homes. Therefore, over time technology will find solutions for such issue.