Ramla North Coast Resort

Posted On September 27, 2018

Ramla north coast resort is the latest project of GEC Germany Company, which is known for its great works in the residential and touristic field. In the resort, you'll taste the German touch in the design in addition to the existence of the services and facilities.

In this article, Murabahat blog presents all details concerning Ramla north coast resort.

First, Ramla North Coast Resort Location:

Ramla north coast resort is characterized by being located near to Ras El Hikma bay that is famous for its amazing turquoise water and the soft sandy white beach. the resort is also located in kilo 195 after jevera village and 98 kilos before Matrouh.

Second, Ramla North Coast Resort Space:

Ramla north coast resort stretches over 375 acres while the width of the beach reaches up to 1000 meters. Also, the depth of the resort reaches 2000 meters as it’s characterized by being built based on platforms technique to ensure a clear view of the sea from all chalets. The highest platform reaches 40 meters.

Services and Facilities in Ramla North Coast Resort:

  • Swimming pools
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Huge market
  • Health and social clubs
  • Sauna and jacuzzi
  • Crystal Lagoon
  • Aquapark
  • Security available all day long

Units in Ramla North Coast Resort:

The resort contains various types of units such as villas –which represents 75% of the whole resort space- chalets and penthouses.

In addition, the spaces start from 79m up to 205m. Thus, it contains numerous options that meet every need. So, if you’re looking for a unit for you and your family, you’ll definitely find your need in Ramla North Coast.

Also, what is really amazing is that between every unit and the next one, there’s a suitable free space to guarantee privacy and security.

Units in Ramla North Coast represents only 20% of the whole space leaving the rest space for the green spaces and the facilities.

Ramla North Coast resort is your sanctuary from life pressure.

Get your unit now with 10% down payment and install the rest in 7 years.

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