The AXIS Where All Roads Lead To

Posted On October 17, 2018

AXIS is the latest project from IWAN development that acquires an exceptional location in 6 October City, 7 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed and 10 minutes away from Lebanon square what makes it easy to access from 26th of July axis and Alexandria Desert road.

6 October City is known for containing several services and facilities such as huge malls, restaurants, cinemas, schools, universities, hospitals and others.

Features of AXIS:

AXIS compound contains a variety of services and facilities that make it look like an oasis amidst the city as it simulates the countryside but in a modern way.

It contains wide green spaces, outstanding landscapes, cycling tracks, clubs and more features that guarantee a healthy environment.

Units in AXIS:

Axis compound contains several types of units: apartments and duplexes with areas starting from 85m up to 220m.

Units will be delivered within 4 year.

Also, Axis extends over 55 acres.

About IWAN:

IWAN development raises slogan (Feel a Good Neighborhood) as it’s keen on building a lovely environment by making happy homes that are the foundation of the happy environment. AXIS projects have its own special design.

It also, has numerous projects like:

Vida, Atrio, Alma, jeera, Jedar and Jewar.

So, if you’re looking for a home for you and your family in a place not so far from Cairo but away from city hustle and bustle. You can find your place in AXIS with Murabahat.

Just pay 5% down payment and install the rest within 7 years.

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