Factors that Affect Property Prices in Egypt

Posted On November 14, 2018

There are many factors that affect property prices in Egypt and these factors might be political, economic, social, or others.

So, if you’re about to sell or buy a property or you are a real estate investor in the Egyptian market, you should be aware of the factors that affect property prices in Egypt.

What Affect the Property Prices in Egypt?

Supply and Demand:

Property prices in Egypt such as any other good or product, are affected by the law of supply and demand. So, whenever the demand gets higher and the supply gets lower, the prices get higher. Otherwise, if demand gets lower and supply gets higher, prices no doubt get lower. However, supply and demand law is affected by the country's economic and political situation.

Services and Facilities:

The availability of services in a specific area have an effect on property prices in Egypt whether it’s residential, commercial or administrative property. So, areas that characterized by the strategic location, the strong infrastructure or the services and facilities, contain the most expensive properties.

Market Trend:

All of a sudden, you find that market trend is directed to a specific location –new locations usually- what makes prices get higher in such places. So, the market trend is one of the factors that affect property prices in Egypt.

The Property Status:

Property status affects property prices in Egypt. So, the new properties that don’t need repair are more expensive than the old properties that need repair and renovation. However, you need to put in mind that there are old properties that are so expensive as they whenever get repaired turn into wonderful properties.


People always compare investment in real estate with investment in gold. So, when the real estate wing win the competition, property prices in Egypt get higher.

Above, Murabahat blog provided 5 of the strongest factors that affect property prices in Egypt.