Makadi Heights Red Sea from Orascom

Posted On November 29, 2018

Orascom development Egypt Company that is mainly located in Switzerland, owns a number of great projects and it's specialized in touristic projects as they own up to 10 resorts in many countries which are, Egypt (Makadi Heights), Oman, UK, Switzerland, Emirates, Morocco and Montenegro.

In Egypt, Orascom owns a 45.7 million-sqm land area custom for different touristic projects:

  • Makadi Heights in the Red Sea
  • Gouna in the Red Sea
  • Taba Heights in Sinai
  • Byoum in Fayoum City

As for Orascom Projects abroad they are:

  • Andermatt in Switzerland
  • Lustika Bay in Montenegro
  • The Cove in the UAE
  • Mount Siffa and Hawana Salalah in Amman

Makadi Heights Location:

Makadi Heights is located in Makadi Bay over the red sea coast, it covers an area of 3.4 million sqm, and is characterized by occupying a location that is 70 meters above sea level what guarantees a clear view for the beach from all units.

It’s also located near Hurghada and Gouna.

Features of Makadi Heights:

The project contains numerous services and facilities like:

  • Clubhouse
  • Playgrounds
  • Tracks for walking, running and cycling
  • Swimming pools
  • A club for water games
  • Restaurants
  • Gym
  • Kids area
  • Supermarket
  • Clinic
  • Pharmacy

Also, Makadi Heights is characterized by containing a (Go Bus) station what makes it easy reach from and to Cairo. In addition to that, there are internal transportations for tourists.

Now, you can book your unit in Makadi Heights with facilities in payment.