Zahya New Mansoura

Posted On December 16, 2018

Zahya New Mansoura is a new project in new Mansoura city that is located 54 km away from the old Mansoura city and it’s one of the new urban communities authority projects. Also, it’s supposed to be connected to the old Mansoura by an electric train.

In the following, Murabahat for real estate solutions blog will tackle Zahya New Mansoura (the latest of Orascom and Hassan Allam) that is located in New Mansoura city.

Location of Zahya New Mansoura:

Zahya is located in the New Mansoura city, 14 km along the coastal road (Mediterranean coast) and it’s considered as the extension of Gamasa city that extends to the borders of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.

Zahya Total Area:

Zahya New Mansoura stretches over 6000 acres, divided 190 acres for a cultural city that contains a large Roman theater, cinemas and an opera house.

Services and Facilities in Zahya New Mansoura:

  • Regional and national universities
  • An entertainment city containing restaurants and cafés
  • Medical City
  • Touristic Corniche with a width of 56 meters
  • Industrial/technological area containing many job opportunities
  • Research/scientific area
  • Logistics/service area
  • Hotels
  • Private and public beaches
  • Football and basketball playgrounds
  • Mosque and Church
  • Library
  • Museum
  • International Schools
  • public gardens
  • Clubs
  • Rain system
  • Irrigation and drainage networks
  • Private car park
  • Rain system
  • Irrigation and drainage networks
  • Private car parks

Type of Residential Units in Zahya New Mansoura:

The project contains 4704 residential buildings, stand-alone villas, villas, economical units and a variety of residential apartments.

Conditions for booking units in Zahya New Mansoura:

  • The Egyptian nationality
  • The owner must not own any other unit of the Urban Communities Authority projects
  • The owner must not have previously obtained a cooperative housing loan

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