The Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital

Posted On September 20, 2020

The Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital is considered an architectural revolution and a major cultural transfer to Egypt, as it aims to enter Egypt into the era of global cities, which are competing with the strength of major global cities, and it will have a central business area designed at the highest level, as it reflects the urban and real estate development in Egypt as well as economic development that affects the economy The state and its size in the Middle East and the entire world.

The cornerstone was laid in March 2018 on an area of about one million 700 thousand square meters, with an investment volume of about 3.4 billion

The Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital Location:


The project is located in the heart of the new capital between the northern and southern axes of Mohammed bin Zayed, where the city is located about 45 kilometres from Cairo, about 80 kilometres from the city of Suez, and only 60 kilometres from Al-Ain  Al-Sokhna and minutes away from Al-Mostakbal City, Madinaty and Al-Rehab.

What you want to know about The Central Business District: 


  • It includes 20 residential, administrative, commercial and service towers.
  • It includes the construction of the iconic tower, which is the highest skyscraper in Africa, with a height of about 345 meters.
  • The volume of investments made in the project reaches 3 billion dollars.
  • It is a major economic and cultural centre aiming to spread the economic awareness of those looking to invest in administrative capital.

  • it will contain several international banks and stock exchange companies 
  • The Chinese company CSCEC has designed the entire district, and it is the company concerned with implementing the district designs with the participation of Egyptian workers.
  • the design of The Central Business District is fitting the existence of high-end companies and banks in order to achieve Egypt's advanced modern thinking in the field of building and construction.
  • The financial and business district includes 12 commercial complexes, 5 residential buildings, two hotels, as well as sports clubs, a cultural centre and a hospital.



Thus, the financial and business district is an important economic and cultural centre for those looking to invest in the New Administrative Capital.

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