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    Akam Scenario New Capital

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    Akam Scenario is one of the giant investment projects in the New Capital. Akam Scenario is the place for you and your family to start a new life enjoying a variety of services and facilities that will guarantee an ultimate comfort and tranquility that all customers are looking for. ...

  • MIDTOWN-17.jpg

    Midtown New Capital

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    Midtown New Capital is one of the most prestigious residential compounds in the New Administrative Capital that follow the latest engineering and infrastructure standards and levels. The New Administrative Capital is the new residential edifice in Cairo which attracts millions of individuals looking for apartments and better living in a unique geographic location. The New Capital includes many ministries, conference centers, service centers, schools, universities, hotels, smart villages and hospitals. ...

  • the loft.jpg

    The Loft New Capital

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    The Loft compound is one of the most innovative projects in the New Administrative Capital, which will be implemented with new civilized standards with high infrastructure level to embody a new concept of a comfortable life by providing luxurious living units. ...

  • lindsey-01-cairo.jpg

    After introducing the idea in 2015, the New Administrative Capital, which spans over 1,135 acres, is the government’s resolution to manage Egypt’s progressive population and expanding new urban spots. ...

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    Dubai Rotating Skyscraper

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    The Dynamic Tower, also known as Dubai Rotating Skyscraper or the Da Vinci Tower, is designed by the Italian architect David Fisher and it will finally be built in 2020. The tower measures 1,273 foot-tall and consists of 80-floors. In addition, units will be built on separate floors; each will be rotating independently around the structure's concrete body. ...

  • Castle-Landmark-New-Capital-Compound-كومبوند-كاسيل-لاندمارك-العاصمة-الإدارية-الجديدة-1095x642.jpg

    Castle Landmark New Capital is a new destination for a unique living experience. A place that will take you away from the stressful busy Cairo lifestyle to give you relax, serenity and luxury you are looking for. The location was chosen carefully, it will make you forget all about the polluted overpopulated Old Capital yet to enjoy all the surrounding facilities. ...

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    Due to the rise of supplies in the market after the planned 350 thousand housing units are completed, prices in the New Administrative Capital are only expected to go up. However, housing prices in Old Cairo will decline in the coming few years. ...

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    What We Involved In

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    The real estate Sector has a high prestige position among those interested in the economic and financial sector in general for what sets it apart from the stability and ensure that pay alto of specialists to say that the property is ʺthe righteous son in the investment worldʺ this is no doubt that this description is a high degree of accuracy promoted many people to buy real estate and trading despite the modest returns compared with other financial instruments. ...