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  • رملة الساحل الشمالي.jpg

    Ramla North Coast Resort

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    Ramla north coast resort is the latest project of GEC Germany Company, which is known for its great works in the residential and touristic buildings. In the resort, you'll taste the German touch in the design in addition to the existence of the services and facilities. ...

  • المباني الخضراء.jpg

    How do Green Buildings Save Energy?

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    After the International Energy Agency (IEA) release, that shows that the current buildings consume 40% of the world's total energy consumption and are cause 24% of the global CO2 emissions. ...

  • كمبوند المصيف.jpg

    El Masyaf North Coast Resort

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    Before you take the purchase decision, you should be aware of the best development companies first what makes you able to choose the right unit for you and your family whether it is a residential or a touristic unit. ...

  • حماية المنزل من الغبار.jpg

    How to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

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    By the beginning of autumn, the atmosphere starts to carry dust around what harms the respiratory system and may cause chest diseases. Therefore, you should learn how to get rid of dust mites and protect your family from those diseases. This is what Murabahat blog is going to tackle in the following lines. ...

  • شركات التطوير العقاري (2).jpg

    Whether you’re someone who is looking for a property to live in, a real estate marketer, an architect or someone who is interested in the real estate market. Then, in addition to being aware of the top compounds, you should also be aware of the top real estate development companies in Egypt, their history, their projects and what people think of their work. ...

  • طباعة المباني ثلاثية الأبعاد.jpg

    One of the housing crisis is the increment of buildings constructing prices and thus the increment of properties. So, recently technology took step by approaching the 3d printed homes the latest and smartest solution that was first used in the last decade in various industries. But, the 3d printed homes started to show up recently in America and China. ...

  • نورث ايدج العلمين.jpg

    In new Alamein city, especially the towers’ zone which contains 15 towers reaching up to 100 meters, located north edge over 48 acres. In the following, Murabahat for real estate solution blog presents all the details concerning North Edge Towers. ...

  • كمبوند سيناريو.png

    Akam Developments Company is working on developing a new project “Scenario New Capital” that stretches over 39 acres in the new administrative capital and is known for the green landscapes and the numerous services. ...