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  • Spring Home Décor Ideas.jpg

    9 Spring Home Décor Ideas

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    A few days ago, spring started regrowing colorful flowers in every corner in addition to its nice atmosphere that eliminates the long-depressed winter weather, spring home décor helps to add joy and vitality to your home. Therefore, you should be prepared to welcome the spring in a pleasant way by re-decorating your home. ...

  • بلوم فيلدز.jpg

    If you’re looking for a place that is full of calm and quietness amidst the greenery and in a location that is near to your work and your children schools. Bloom Fields is the place for you. ...

  • تنظيف-النافذه.jpg

    Increasing Home Lighting Ideas

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    Home that lacks the existence of a good lighting is a home full of negative energy which affects the home members and makes them feel depressed most of the time and hate being at home inasmuch as home natural lighting as well as its importance of keeping the home environment healthy and free of bacteria, it affects positively the home members psychology and makes them feel lively. ...

  • MAIN_ScamEstates.jpg

    Why Invest in Real Estate?

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    Ever wondered why invest in real estate is considered as the safest and most successful ways of investment? Well, in the following, Murabahat will tackle why invest in real estate is the best ways of investment ...

  • dreamstime_m_49310143-e1464862732533.jpg

    Investing in Old Properties

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    As we’ve tackled previously the importance of real estate investment as being one of the most profitable safest ways of investment. In the following, Murabahat will outline one of real estate investment which is “Investing in Old Properties” after renewing it. ...


    Periodic Home Maintenance

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    Not being obligated to periodic home maintenance may affect your home negatively, causing some cracks or devices damage. Then, you’ll have to fix these stuff paying much money. However, if you’re always committed to periodic home maintenance you can skip all these things. ...

  • VrUpkSevuKUdifSV6U95bVSDuaFFNB.jpg

    Compound Capital Gate – New Cairo

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    Murabahat presents one of the most distinctive compounds in New Cairo which is one of Bin Laden Group's Al Marasem international company that has previous great works in the real estate market and experience of up to 86 years. ...

  • 19284137_23842707043700061_4066568721974427648_n.png

    Ideal Life in Mareotis Alex West

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    Are you fond of living in a prestigious city, surrounded by greenery, overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes in Alexandria “Mariout”? Alex west which is one of the biggest residential compounds in Alexandria and stretching over 600 acres is the place for you. ...